Want to Cut Weight? Choose a Spouse Who Eats Less

Are you a single? Are you not so happy with your rounded shape and want to cut some really big weights to look better and charming? If both the above questions are just matching your condition then good news for you, there is a perfect solution for you which, if you follow, have great possibilities of helping you out a lot!

As found and proved in a new study, your food habits have a lot to do with the food habits of your partner. If you love eating just anything and like to order for a platter full of dishes in the restaurant while eating out with your spouse, and your partner is not interested in gulping so many foods and rather prefer eating a dish in a small portion, your eating habits too are sure to be changed. The influences of your partner are sure to be seen in you as well.

The study, conducted by Associate Professor Lenny Vartanian from University of New South Wales’s School of Psychology and his team, has found that it is more like a psychological effect which is known as social modelling. This is pretty obvious that if you sitting in front of your spouse in a food stall and your spouse is ordering a small amount of food, you too will not feel like ordering a big fat platter, because firstly, you will feel awkward to consume it in front of your partner and secondly, this is against the etiquettes as well.

Lenny Vartanian stated, “In these situations, people can look at the example of others to decide how much food they should consume. When the companion eats very little, people suppress their food intake and eat less than they normally would if alone.”

He further added, “It even occurs when the companion is not physically present.

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