Tastiest Vegetarian Dish in the World is in India

Tastiest Vegetarian Dish in the World is in India: India is a foodie paradise and there is no doubt about it. With a hundred varieties of foods available in different parts of the country, made of different flavours, ingredients and spices; Indian food is one of the key features that attract a great deal of tourists every year to the country. Now, the specialty of the Indian food is proved again as one particular dish of Indian cuisine has been termed as the tastiest vegetarian dish in the world by the Foodie Hub Global Awards in London. The Indian dish to enjoy the international acclamation is known as Misal Pav which is a widely chosen and much loved dish in Maharashtra.

Vegetarian DishIndian people are obsessed and in love with a great variety of spicy and non-spicy dishes, which are known by different names and are made in different patterns in different regions based on the traditional variations. Misal Pav is a particular regional food that is mainly prepared and popular in Maharashtra with almost every Marathi household familiar and good at making it. However, the delicate taste and mouth-watering aroma of the dish has made it a favourite of almost anybody whoever has tried it. Similarly, people from other places of the world too have liked this particular food which is a pure vegetarian dish. The best part is that this particular dish is being recognized as the tastiest vegetarian dish in the world amongst uncountable varieties of vegetarian dishes that are found across the world.

In Misal Pav, Misal is a spicy curry with moth beans or matki served with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and a dash of lemon and this spicy curry is eaten with the local bread called pav. Basically, this dish is a combination of bread and a curry and taste amazing.

Suryakant Sarjoshi, owner of Aaswad, which is a restaurant in Dadar and serves Misal Pav, said, We got the news and it feels great! Our Misal won because the spices used for the curry are entirely homemade and the farsan is of good quality. As a dish, it is a whole meal in itself.”

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