New Solution for Treating and Preventing Malaria is Discovered

As discovered by researchers at Dundee University, the solution to tackle with the deadly disease malaria is here now. The researchers have claimed to discover a compound that can be used for treating malaria while also protecting people from the disease and preventing its spread. Amazingly, this new compound will be able to perform all three functions simply on a single dose and the scientists have named and identified this compound as DDD107498.

The new compound, a joint discovery of the Dundee University’s Drug Discovery Unit and the Medicines for Malaria Venture. The complete details of the discovery and the new compound have been published in the journal Nature.

With malaria and its threat always prevalent among people claiming the lives of majority of the malaria affected patients, discovery of a new solution to deal with this disease had been necessary. As reported by the World Health Organisation, 200 million clinical cases of malaria are found in 2013, with 584,000 people dying from it. This mosquito-borne disease has long been attacking people and the pregnant women or children under five are those who are the major victims of this disease.

Dr Kevin Read, joint leader of the project, said new drugs were “urgently needed”. He said, “Resistance to the current gold-standard anti-malarial drug is now considered a real threat. The compound we have discovered works in a different way to all other anti-malarial medicines on the market or in clinical development, which means that it has great potential to work against current drug-resistant parasites. It targets part of the machinery that makes proteins within the parasite that causes malaria.”

The Medicines for Malaria Venture and the University had long been working on this new discovery since 2009 and finally they have arrived at their goal.

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