Indians are Alarmingly Deficient on Proteins

Indians are Alarmingly Deficient on Proteins, According to a multi-city survey, entitled, Protein Consumption in the Diet of Adult Indians Survey, conducted by IMRB, Indian people are found highly deficient in proteins and this has a straight relation to their habit and choice of foods. In fact, it is not about the rural areas of the country, as the ones living in the metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai too have the common issue and they do not take the adequate amount of protein that is required to be consumed by one.

IMRB interviewed 1,260 Indians and have come to this conclusion that 9 out of 10 Indians consumed less than adequate proteins daily. Based on the interviews conducted, the survey says that 91% of the vegetarians and 85% of the non-vegetarians were deficient. This means, eating non-veg too, does not guarantee that you are taking the adequate among of protein and you can still remain deficient on protein instead of feasting on your favourite meat options.

The survey says, “A quick check on the sample population showed the protein intake of 88% people was less than the ideal amount of consumption, indicating there is a huge gap in the protein requirements and protein consumption for each individual.”

Nutritionist Niti Desai from Cumbala Hill Hospital, near Kemps Corner in south Mumbai says, “One of the key symptoms of lack of proteins is weakness and fatigue. The epidemic of lifestyle diseases – central adposity or belly fat, diabetes and high triglyceride levels – in urban India can also be addressed if we increase our dietary protein intake.”

Shockingly and surprisingly, Mumbai has the lowest protein gap of 68% and Delhi has high gap of 99%. At a point of time when protein plays a key role in building block and repair agent in the body, it is necessary that it should be consumed at about 1 gram per kg of the person’s body weight.

At this point, what nutritionist Shilpa Joshi has said in this context is significant. She says, “It is not as if vegetarian food doesn’t have proteins, but the protein in a fruit for instance is not as easily bio-available for digestion as the protein in eggs are. The question to ask yourself before you take a spoonful from you plate is: where is the protein here? Until you can locate the protein, don’t eat. For instance, take two almonds along with a fruit to increase your protein intake or have idlis with sambhar instead of chutney.”

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