Health Diagnostic Tests are Going to Be Free Very Soon

At a time when the medical expenses are rising sky high with the common and lower middle classes suffer the trauma of not being able to afford the high cost medical treatments and the pre-surgery tests and diagnosis, the Centre seems to be being soft and kind to people by taking up plans of making diagnosis tests free of cost. The surgeries and treatment of a disease certainly are high, but even the pre-treatment, diagnosis tests that are being conducted in a huge number these days to diagnose the real health issues of a patient, are unavoidable and too expensive. The very preliminary stage of medication gets impossible for a particular class of patients. Hence, they are now being targeted to be relieved by the government as it is very soon to announce a scheme for providing free diagnostic tests to the patients.Health Diagnostic Tests

The free diagnostic tests are to include the various types of blood tests, x-rays and advanced CT scans. However, the free of cost services will be accessed only at the public health service providers and the private diagnosis centres are not yet incorporated under this scheme.

The cost of drugs and diagnosis test charges itself are so high that it becomes impossible for one to afford medical treatment and even think about approaching a medical centre. These costs itself are 70% of the total medication cost and on such grounds, how can a common man afford to avail medical treatments in their ailments.

Now, with this good news for the patients, it is expected that around 5 crore people below the poverty line (BPL) will be benefitted and relieved in their heath diagnosis and medical treatments.

The centre has named the proposal as ‘national strategy for providing essential diagnostics facilities free for all’ and this scheme is very soon going to be in action for all sorts of patients visiting a public health facility.

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