Assam gears up to celebrate Diwali; Chinese lights flood markets in Guwahati

Preparations are in full swing across Assam to celebrate Diwali – the festival of lights.

Market for traditional clay diyas is wearing a gloomy look ahead of Diwali as more people are opting for cheap electric lamps at a time when inflation is biting hard.

While minimum price of a set of 25 electric diyas in Guwahati is Rs 90, clay lamps are available for Rs 50-200 per 100 pieces. Decorative diyas, which are bigger in size, are dearer. Moreover, earthen lamps cannot be reused.

It goes without saying that Diwali is synonymous with crackers, but with prices of crackers sky-rocketing, buyers seem to be a little disappointed. Even then, there was a rush at stalls in the city for buying crackers.

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